Bosna Danì And The Electro Folk Beauty Of ‘Inner Shape’

Written by Leo Baldi.

Bosna Danì makes beautiful music. That is a fact. The Italian musician published his first album, Inner Shape this January and it sounds like an instrumental dream. Inner Shape is a marriage between soft electronic beats, a folk sensibility, refined synth sonorities and pungent melodies so polished and delicate yet so captivating that the predominant absence of vocals is rarely even noticed. Vocals, when present, are used as any other instrument and do not seem to carry any more weight than all the other synths and melodies. The result is simply stunning.

Q. Who is Bosna Danì?

BD: “Bosna Dani is simply a musician who wishes to express himself and his own ideas. You could define Bosna Dani’s music as “acoustic guitar played in fingerstyle, matched with a dreamlike electronic sound.”

Q. How did you first get into music?

BD:  “I started out playing electric guitar (given to me by my parents aged 14), and playing songs by my favourite punk bands like the Ramones, Misfits, Green Day, Offspring.”

Q. Who are your biggest musical influences and where do you take your inspiration from?

BD: “The artists that have definitely inspired me are  Alt-J, James Blake, Teho Teardo, Iosonouncane, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Woodkid, The xx e Bon Iver. Blues music in general is a genre that I love and greatly inspires me.”

Q. How did Inner Shape come about? How long did it take to write it?

BD: “Inner shape is made up of both acoustic tracks that all started with the guitar, and also ones that came into being from other sounds that I liked, like a synth or a concept. All of it comes  from the need to communicate my different states of mind; and with the album I feel I’ve completely exposed myself. The tracks were written in a 3-year period, and I then recorded all of it in the studio to perfect the acoustics and the sound.”

Q. What is your favourite song in Inner Shape and why?

BD: “My favourite track would probably be Blue Gravity. The union between electronic sounds and acoustic guitar in the song best displays the whole idea behind the album, I think.”

Q. If you could describe your music with two colours, what would they be and why?

BD: “Blue because it reflects melancholy and sadness, hence it’s the name chosen for the genre of Blues music, and yellow because it’s a colour that makes you think of light and energy.”

Q. What is the cheesiest song you have on your phone/ipod?

BD: “Let it Go – James Bay”

Q. I want to know, what is the most embarrassing musical memory you can tell us?

BD: “When during a concert with my band I told the sound technician that no sound was coming out and he shouts down from the control box “attach the jack”.”

Inner Shape is available everywhere and I thoroughly recommend that you go and give it a listen, something different, something beautiful – perfect revision music.

Listen to Blue Gravity below:

Credit: Tfk Records


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