Foo Fighters Fuel More Rumours With New Website Edit

Written by Kai Feltham

For anyone who has been keeping their investigatory trained ears close to the ground this week they would have heard one thing being whispered back: Foo Fighters are back. After two years out of the game following the Sonic Highways tour, with a leg break thrown in for good measure, Foo Fighters have lined up a number of huge European festival dates this summer, including the likes of NOS Alive and Rock Werchter. Aside from this however, something more has been bubbling away beneath the surface in recent days, and the combination of social media detectives and intriguing PR techniques from the band has left fans wondering what on earth could be about to go down.

It all started at the start of the week, when a Twitter handle named ‘Obelisk Airways’ made its way onto social media, immediately being followed by the official Foo Fighters Twitter page. Little was thought of this at first, but when a select number of unwitting fans began to receive individually unique ‘boarding passes’ in the post, the seeds of intrigue were most certainly sown.


Never ones to shy away from interesting PR stunts and use of social media, the Foo Fighters website soon took the redesigned shape of an airport departures board. Showing all of their upcoming festival dates in the form of flight departures could be seen as a clever second phase of their previous ‘passport’ announcement strategy if it wasn’t for one date being left incomplete. All across social media excitement is rife as to what the “pending” date could be – many finding themselves drawn to the exciting conclusion of a headline set on the Pyramid Stage at Worthy Farm in June.

If this isn’t quite enough to get the tongues of rock music fans across the world wagging, the ‘In Flight Entertainment’ tab unearths even more exciting clues. Following the opportunity to select a seat and “check in” viewers of the site find themselves staring into an in-flight television, complete with a countdown clock. Basic mathematics will reveal to all that the countdown ends at 7.45pm on the evening of Friday 24th February with the screenshot below taken at 11.00am on Thursday 23rd, which suggests that we do not have to wait long to find what all of the excitement is truly about.


If this isn’t quite enough excitement for rock fans to handle, one Instagram post from television presenter Emma Willis after the Brit Awards last night adds yet another level of intrigue to this tantalising tale. With the caption “So, this just happened…!!! 🤘Life. Made.” Willis posted a picture of her together after the Brit Awards with yes, you guessed, DAVE F’ING GROHL.

So, by transcending our inner Inspecter Clouseau’s we can bring every little piece of evidence together, and make our own educated guesses about what might be about to happen. One thing we all know is that the Foos are back together and on tour this summer, and have been using the imagery of flights and passports regularly throughout the year to add a level of intrigue to their summer schedule announcements. One date on their online departure board is labelled as “pending”, which leads us to believe that their schedule of tour dates for the year is as of yet incomplete.


Combining this with the countdown to Friday evening at 7.45pm GMT would suggest that something serious is about to happen. Add this to the fact that a mere 48 hours prior to the culmination of the countdown has seen Grohl spotted in the UK, and it is fair to conclude that there may be something pretty exciting set to happen for Foo Fighters fans over on these shores. Could it be an announcement of a new album, single or video? Could it be an extra special flurry of extra dates? Could it be a secret gig exclusively for those who have received boarding passes in the post? OR could it be the announcement of them finally headlining the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury, two long years after Dave Grohl’s infamous leg break…?


Of course, this could all be an example of social media hype and excitement getting out of hand but something is surely going down with Foo Fighters, and we suggest you get yourselves over to ASAP and have a look for yourselves.

Tune into their “In Flight Entertainment” at 7.45pm on Friday 24th February and we can all find out exactly what they are pointing towards. Whatever is set to happen, it is sure to be exhilarating, with thousands tuned into their website and social media feed. Away from all of this conjecture and speculation though one thing is for certain; Foo Fighters certainly don’t do things in half measures.


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