Tom Grennan Gives Us A Glimpse Into New EP With ‘Praying’

Written by Rahoul Naik

Many may still be unfamiliar with the sound of Tom Grennan, however from now, we are sure you will be hearing much more of him.

The Bedford crooner who is self-described as having ‘a bluesy, soulful tone balanced with an original indie flair’ has been able to slowly gain fans around the UK with his 2016 EP, Something In The Water.

The singer has a ‘Maverick Sabre meets Ed Sheeran’ sound to him that is not only a little edgy and catchy but also different and his delivery is full of emotion and confidence.

The singer is currently gearing up for his new EP Release The Brakes on 10th March, that will no doubt see him touring throughout the summer months so keep your eyes out for him in a town near you.

We will be speaking to Tom very soon so watch this space to find out way more about the soulful singer and where he will be hitting on the road.

Listen to Praying below.

Credit: TomGrennanVEVO


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