We ‘Love You More’! Fyfe Is Back With Hot New Release

Written by Eli Sulaiman

Another pop electro-indie fusion artist with a voice that resembles the lead vocalist of Two Door Cinema Club, we have Fyfe (Paul Dixon) who just released Love You More!

Fyfe is an English singer-songwriter, well known for his Solace EP released back in 2013. He used to play in an orchestra when he was younger and started writing his own songs while he studied Economics at University of Manchester.

Love You More has a more pop-centric sound compared to his Solace EP which consists of a mellow blend of his vocals and instruments paired with sentimental lyrics. Love You More has a more playful tone than his previous songs but just like every release he has made, they are all great in their simplicity as Fyfe believes that that is where the strength of his music lies.

It’s been said that fans of Childish Gambino and London Grammar have flocked to Fyfe for his music. So fans of Gambino or London Grammar, if you haven’t heard of Fyfe listen to his new release below! If you want to see him live, Fyfe has two upcoming shows this summer in May and June, in London and Paris respectively.

Credit: Fyfe


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