Charlotte OC Releases Electric New Single ‘Medicine Man’

Written by Leah Bennett.

The song begins with an echo-like introduction of a gentle beat which is broken by the introduction of her voice.

The general sound of the song is heavy, rhythmic and repetitive which gives the illusion of waves crashing into the shore.  The contrast comes from the light sound of her voice which not only seems to lift the song but wavers with the beat.

The track then digresses into a hypnotic tone  which she adapts her voice to mirror by singing in a negative key which not only gives the song an edge but also makes the listener feel like they’re under some kind of spell.

The break in the song comes when the weighty beat stops and we are left with only her voice and the piano.

This is an interesting part because it brings attention to the lyrics and makes us appreciate the message of the song, which is easier to do without all the other sounds pulsing in the background.

Her debut Careless People, is due to drop on march 31st so keep your eyes out!

Listen to Medicine Man below:

Credit: CharlotteOCVEVO


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