The Road To Global 12: Introducing Angelica Lopez

Written by Rahoul Naik

We’re gearing up for one of the biggest highlights to Summer 2017: The Global 12 Festival. The festival is run by Shodement, who focus on the creation of the future music industry and development of artists emerging in the current space. Since launching, the talent network has grown to over 3 million combined views around the world and its creative agency arm has executive on the platform that delivered campaigns for major brands including Vogue, Adidas, Universal Music, Sony Music and SBTV.

The festival itself is split into two parts. First we’ll have music, drinks and special guests with food and a whole lot of music.

In the evening, we get down to the main business, 12 acts from around the world who will be fighting to be the Global Artist of the year. We will be introducing all 12 of the acts and to start with we have one of the opening artists: Angélica López.

López is a singer songwriter who is strongly influenced by folk music from the Atlantic Coast of Colombia, one of the best exponents of urban–folk. Charismatic,  explosive and full of energy, makes López unique in her style and a fantastic ambassador for Colombia.

Impressively enough, López has performed at a variety of UK venues such as The Royal Albert Hall, WOMAD festival, The Houses Of Commons and Buckingham Palace. Her appearance at Global 12 will be one of the most experienced and high energy performances of the day.

Speaking to López, she told us that “Freddy Mercury is and will always be my dream collaborator, listening to his music is like food to my heart, brain and soul! There are many other artist who I look up too Paul McCartney is one of them.

International artists usually find it much more difficult to breakout in the UK and US markets, however López has found success all over the world. When asked about her biggest challenges she told us that “To me just being a woman in the music business has being a huge challenge through out my whole life. Being away from my homeland is a big challenge.

Life is full of challenges but I believe strongly that music is a universal language and all I desire is for mine to touch people’s hearts as it comes from a very honest and sincere place. I have a story to tell a message that needs to be heard and felt.

It is fair to say that López’ addition to Global 12’s line-up is an exciting and very welcomed one. López is also holding an album launch on the 20th February in Hoxton, more information can be found here.

If you are interested in Global 12 Festival and want to find out more information as well as how to get early bird tickets, check out the eventbrite site here. Get hyped!

Check out the video for Lovesong below.

Credit: Angélica López


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