AJ Tracey Send A Bulletproof Message On ‘Luke Cage’

Written by Francis Barton

Tottenham man AJ Tracey released the visuals for Lil Tracey track Luke Cage today, while also fading it out with last track Hating On Gang which he’s allowed Remy Banks to join him on.

2017 is largely believed to be the year the likes of AJ and Dave fully break into the American music industry, and the release of Luke Cage will definitely help AJ with progressing overseas as the visuals for the track are filmed in The Big Apple.

The song is based around the notion that AJ is bulletproof and nobody can send for him ‘You can’t send shots like man’s Luke Cage’ being the line that gives the game away. Wordplay involving Jessica Jones, roses and mangoes can also be heard, but you won’t appreciate it unless you hear it for yourself.

Listen to Luke Cage yourself below.

Credit: AJ Tracey



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