New Release From Alina Baraz Is Pure Electricity

Written by Priyanka Bhattacharya

Good news for pre-existing and new fans of Alina Baraz, she’s back with a single for 2017 and it features upcoming artist Khalid who sang the 2016 popular track, Location.

Baraz’ new track Electric is a super soft and mellow love song, where the duet of Alina’s and Khalid’s voices works incredibly well together. We’re excited for new music from her and hope these two collaborate again because their voices are a such a good match.

I’ve been a fan of Baraz since high school. She has such an infectious voice and if you’re into down-tempo electronica you should definitely check out her 2015 Urban Flora EP.

As of yet there is no news of a new album coming out this year yet but Alina’s ‘Let’s Get Lost’ Tour starts this year in March and she’ll be visiting various cities in US and Canada, but no UK visit as of yet.

Listen to Alina Baraz’s track Electric below.

Credit: Alina Baraz




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