ANOHNI Cries Life On New ‘Paradise’ Single

Written by Leo Baldi

ANOHNI just announced a new EP coming out March 17th. The EP is called Paradise and it is already available for pre-order with the download of the first track off it, the homonymous Paradise.

The track is a feast of raw synth power and incredible bass and it is paired beautifully with ANOHNI’s vocals that just show the brilliance of this woman when it comes to writing melodies.

The lyrics of the song continue in the same line of extreme urgency that characterised Hopelessness.”I feel giant and trapped seemingly without escape”. The title of the EP clearly does not reflect any utopian reality, at least judging from the first single. Fear and urgency seem to be more fitting as themes.

Paradise sonically and lyrically takes on where 4 Degrees left us. Furthermore, it annihilates any form of passivity that could’ve transpired from some hopelessness songs like Drone Bomb Me and Execution and replaces it with a strong sense of responsibility of action

We are not quite sure if this song was meant to be heard in the safety of your room at night or if it’s an actual call to arms to save the environment. We’ll just have to wait until the whole EP comes out.

Check out the track below.



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