WVM Takes Us Back To The 80’s With His New Single.

Written by Leah Bennett.

American electronic musician, visual artist and multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles WVM has released a new electronic based pop single called Swon.

 The song begins with a shrilling 80’s electronic funk sound.  The vocal work mirrors the style that you would expect from Pulp and the whole vibe of the song is very much a disco-Tec fiasco.

WVM said: Sown gets a lot of its inspiration from 80’s Bowie and Peter Gabriel with a lot of early Prince…. but mostly it’s just the music I want to hear, a lot of my heart and soul went into it which is why it really doesn’t sound like any other artist other than me.”

These influences are clear throughout the song.  WVM has utilised Bowie’s space sound, Prince’s pop and Peter Gabriel’s rock to make this record sound like a blast from the past.

Give it a listen below!

Credit: WVM


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