Introducing Those Who Knew: Derby’s Best Alt-Rock Offering

Written by Patrick Sims.

Those Who Knew may not be one of the biggest bands in the country at the moment, but the 5 piece from Derbyshire have been touring all over the UK last year and have kicked off proceedings in 2017 with a new single. We got together with the band to talk more about where they come from and where they want to go. Check it out below.

Q: Tell us who you and and where you’re from.

Danny P: We’ve got Danny Graves who does vocals. Emily Hall who does drums. Joe Miller who does bass. Jordan Tole who does guitar. Danny P who does guitar. And we’re all from the Derbyshire area.

Q: Have you ever had any formal music education?

Emily: Yeah, Jordan goes to West Notts college and he’s doing music tech and I do A level music and music tech.

Q: How does having an education help you?

E: Personally, I think it’s better to have that educational side to it as well, but then I’m probably biased being a drum teacher. It helps your understanding of it. I had a teacher, I haven’t had a lesson for ages now but yeah you can get into some really bad habits.

Q: Where did your name come from, it sounds quite dark? Is there a story behind it?

 E: Oh god, now I’ve to go and blag an answer. There’s not particularly a story behind it.

 D: We just liked the phrase, didn’t we?

 E: Yeah. We all sat down one day and were like, we need a name and voted on the name.

 D: We made like a shortlist of names and liked that one. That’s all there is to it really.

Q: You state Lower Than Atlantis and Paramore as big influences, does it stop there or is the list wider ranging?

D: Yeah, I think different members have got different influences. Like the singer (Danny Greys) he likes Adam Levine from Maroon 5. I think the majority of us like the same stuff bands like Paramore and Biffy Clyro.  

 E: I take a lot of influence of off, Travis Barker. Although I’m not at that standard I do like to make drum parts like him.

Q: Does having different tastes bring about any clashes in the band?

D: No it doesn’t bring any clashes up. We sort of compromise on it a bit.

E: It works having the different styles actually. We always have different ideas but it somehow just seems to gel.


Q: Tell us about ‘Losing Touch’ and how the single came together.

D: It stemmed from me writing a song on acoustic guitar. I got a melody for it and all the lyrics. Then I played it to the band and we all focussed round that core idea. Really all we had was the chords and the vocals and we built around that.

Q: How long was the recording process?

D: Recording wise we went down to Surrey to record with a guy called Matt O’Grady. We recorded four songs there and recorded for pretty much the whole week.

Q: You have a mini-EP coming out soon, what can you tell us about that?

D: Yeah, we’re bringing them out later in the year in our EP.

Q: Is there a precise date?

D: At the minute no, but they’re definitely coming out.

Q: You’ve been performing for a while now, including places like The Shed in Leicester, which has a solid reputation for bands like yours. What is it like travelling around the midlands playing these smaller venues?

E: It can be interesting, can’t it?

 D: Yeah. It’s nice to get a sense of all the different venues in the Midlands.

Q: Are there any favorite places you’ve played or gigs you particularly enjoyed?

E: A favourite for me, although it’s not specifically a venue as such was Pit and Pendulum. That was a really good gig.

 D: I liked Corporation in Sheffield, it was good there.

Q: How has this helped your fanbase to grow?

D: I think we’re starting to see that like generally. We’re definitely starting to see it more now, especially with the single coming out. It still depends though, as some places are generally more busy, but it’s definitely starting to grow which is a good sign.

Who would your dream collaboration be with?

E: It could be different for any member of the band.

 D: It’d definitely be cool to have Hayley Williams from Paramore singing. I’m pretty sure Danny, the singer, would have some more interesting ones to say.

Q: What can we expect from you in 2017?

D: The EP is coming out.

 E: We’re definitely doing more gigs. This year we’re pushing festivals a bit more as well.

Q: Any particular festivals?

E: We’ve been selected to play at Glastonbudget in May and we’re headlining Ripley Music Festival.

 D: And we’re going to be applying for more such as Y Not Festival as well.

 E: Yeah definitely. We’re exploring lots of different avenues this year.

Q: We would you ideally like to be in 5 years?

E: I think for us it would be having a really solid fanbase.

 D: Yeah definitely. To be able to go anywhere, up and down the country at least, and have people coming to shows.

Q: If you could be a cocktail, what would it be?

D: (Laughing) Erm, Sex on the Beach.

After gaining momentum last year, 2017 looks to be a breakout year for Those Who Knew. A band who know exactly what music they want to make they’re already doing a fine job of it by example of their single, Losing Touch (Listen to it below). With a new EP coming out this year, and with gigs and festivals lined up, expect to hear more.

Listen to Losing Touch below:

Credit: Those Who Knew


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