Introducing MICKY And His New Release ‘Candid’

Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

NYC-crooner Micheal Persall aka. MICKY has just released his latest single Candid, which is a track dripping in panache and motown-inspired groove.

MICKY made waves in 2015 when he performed 408 shows in that year, and since then he has been catching eyes and ears for his upbeat pop music that is rooted in classic rock and motown.

Candid is a really uplifting tune, with MICKY confidently crooning his lyrics over a rich background of brass, strings, and percussion. The track is the first of many songs in MICKY’s repertoire which expands his musical focus.

“With the first release as MICKY, I really wanted to set the tone for the direction I’m taking my songs and have “Candid” serving as a bold introduction to myself.” States MICKY. “The live instrumentation and overall arrangements, as well as my energetic performance on the song, really align with how I perform live. One thing I wanted moving forward was to have consistency with the live show and the records. The song incorporates a lot of my older 60s/70s classic rock and Motown influences, as well as my affinity for hip-hop and R&B. On the lyrical front, the song is based on my personal attitude to life. A lot of people seem to waste time putting up a front rather than being themselves and actually talking about things. “Candid,” is just the ideal alternative in my mind.”

You can find out more about MICKY here.

Check out MICKY’s latest single Candid here:

Credit: MICKY


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