Professor Green Reminds Ex-Wife And Fans That He Is Still ‘Active’ With A New Track

Written by Travis Martin.

Song writer and artist Professor Green has released new single Active as a continuing promotion of upcoming EP Back On The Market. The Album will be produced via Relentless Records and Sony Music Entertainment.

The title of the track Active takes a public swipe at former partner/Ex-wife Millie Mackintosh. The pair had officially divorced in May after a major break down in their relationship.

However, this is not the first time Pro Green has rapped about their diminished marriage. In his previous track One Eye On The Door the artist criticises the former of possibly cheating and scrutinises the lack of sex between the two.

Active carries on the explosiveness, bar to bar, Pro spits pure fire. ‘Crush you out, I’ll X you/F**k you and my ex too.’ Apparently the Professor isn’t too keen on the ‘let’s still be friends’ position.

Listen to the track below:

Credit: professorgreentv


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