Wiley Drops ‘Speakerbox’ As ‘Godfather’ Date Nears

Written by Francis Barton

Richard Cowie aka Wiley aka Godfather of grime released his new single Speaker box, following on from U Were Always and 6 In The Bloodclart Morning.

The recent barrage of tracks (both solo and with other artists) by Wiley suggests his album is nearing completion; it’s scheduled for release on Friday. The artist has come out and said that this will be his last studio album. Speaking to Noisey, Wiley said, “This is my last album, in theory. ou know, Wiley the brand, you’re not going to see me trying to cane the arse out of tens of Wileys, you will not. I’ll always use my money to do other, smart things.”

The song itself sounds like Wiley hasn’t moved too far from his old school roots, harbouring a traditional eskiriddim and bars to match. It’s no doubt a catchy tune, although the bars aren’t really anything out of the ordinary, they’ll get you gassed so they’re doing their job.

The hook is important to the song; it could well be a mosh-pit initiator in the right setting.

You can listen to it yourself below.

Credit: Wiley


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