Our ‘Dearly Beloved’ Kiesza Is Back For 2017

Written by Leo Baldi

Kiesza is making a comeback in 2017.

That should already get you excited and ready to put your dancing shoes on, in remembrance of her 2014 dance house hit, Hideaway.

The first single off her yet untitled comeback is called Dearly Beloved and it is absolutely stunning. Kiesza opted for a change of sound and went for a crystal clear, Prince and Daft Punk inspired, jam that will have you mesmerised after the first listen. The vocals are as high as can be and keep showing the confidence and power that she is capable of.

The lyrics are sweet but never nauseating (ehm ehm, Ed Sheeran), the production is flawless (the producer is multiple Grammy winner Stuart Price, famous Madonna collaborator and producer of her album Confessions On The Dance Floor), the choir and the background vocals add that little bit of spice to the mix that make the song the most addictive pop song of 2017 (so far).

Together with the song, Kiesza unveiled the video for the song and it seems like Gaga’s trend to go back to playing guitar was embraced by our Dearly Beloved 90’s-house-monster Kiesza. The video is the cherry on top of the proverbial cake. It shows Kiesza with an iridescent outfit and a completely white guitar (gifted to her by her late friend Alice) dancing around in a white background and playing the shit out of the afore mentioned guitar in every possible pose.

Kiesza is giving us guitar-Voguing and we are living. Apart from licking the fingerboard, she kicks and twirls and even jumps into a split while still playing.

She is planning a massive 2017 and we’re just a few days in. You better get ready.

Check out the video below.

Credit: KieszaVEVO


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