Lostchild’s New EP Is Unashamedly Honest And Open

Written by Mercedes Shackleton

Being Loved When You Know You’re Not Good Enough is the second EP by Lostchild, A.K.A Joe Copplestone and it is, first of all, a handful of a name for a project. On the other hand, it’s title is completely justified.

The first track, named Lifeline, has a true late 80’s pop vibe that reminds me a lot of Material Girl and Like A Virgin, both songs by Madonna; it’s super vibrant and upbeat, whilst the lyrics are the opposite. The song is reminiscing an old love. It’s nostalgic; it keeps taking us back and forth in time. Even though I don’t usually listen to this music genre, the production of Lifeline is seamless; it’s a great opening track, which opens the path to a very interesting EP.

Town is the second track of the EP and I love it. The late 80‘s vibe is gone and is replaced by a not too heavy baseline. The lyrics are deep, and there are verses that almost everyone can relate to, like the following: “And my mama says she thinks she knows what’s best for me”. It talks about wanting to get out of somewhere that suffocates you; the lyrics “fantasize about the life that’s lying ahead” puts in words the meaning behind this track.

The third track is named Blind, and it’s my favourite one. It has elements from 80’s pop and a similar baseline to the one in Town. The combination is fantastic, it’s very fast paced and energetic, but with lyrics that express uncertainty and regret. It’s a track that many people at University could relate to, in my opinion; we are sometimes reckless with our feelings and the ones of people we care about. The feelings the track is trying to evoke can be heard throughout the whole track, I think these two lines are the ones that encapsulate the song the most: “And I live for the night, I get high all the time” and “I’m so blind that I can’t see what’s right in front of me”.

Finally, S.A.M is a synth ballad. It’s quite slow paced, it’s got plenty of high notes that are executed well, the vocals have been emotional since the beginning, but in this track, despair and a touch of hopelessness can be noticed perfectly well in the following line “But you just try being loved, when you know you’re not good enough”. There are also bittersweet lyrics like “your love for me, was always too good for me”, which hints at a very obvious problem between the people the song is about and Joe.

Overall, this is a top-notch effort from Lostchild and something that will hold his 2017 in good stead. It’s much of an improvement from Dancing With Boys ad with Joe’s new live show set up, you’re bound to hear and see more of him this year.

Listen to Town below.

Credit: Lostchild Music


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