Snakehips Recruit MØ For ‘Don’t Leave’

Written by Rahoul Naik

2016 was a huge year for UK producer duo, Snakehips, with their track All My Friends with Tinashe and Chance The Rapper topping charts all over the world. A very similar story for keen electro collaborator MØ who saw success with DJ Snake, Justin Bieber and Major Lazer, as well as her solo success, and now looks to continue to dominate to collab game with Snakehips.

The new track, Don’t Leave, is a bouncy love song that incorporates practically everything good about both parties’ 2016. Starting off with a simple mellow keyboard chord and MØ’s voice, soon we’re hit with the brilliant drums of the track which push it forward into gear and there is no stopping the song from there.

It seems that both Snakehips and MØ have learnt how to perfectly construct a pop song that is guaranteed to hit radios, clubs and practically everyone’s phones and iPods. It’s rather impressive to see these guys do it day in and day out and give quality to the consumer.

MØ is set to release her debut LP this year and perhaps a larger project from the Danish singer will give us a better look into her, her sound and what she can really dow without these world class producers, we have faith.

Snakehips did drop a short three-track EP this year, featuring Anderson .Paak and Tory Lanez which is extremely impressive and perhaps gives the duo a platform to launch off when releasing their debut LP, perhaps in 2017 too.

In the meantime, check out Don’t Leave below.

Credit: SnakehipsVEVO



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