Chris Brown And Soulja Boy To Squash Beef In Celebrity Boxing Match

Written by Rahoul Naik

After a week or so of online back-and-fourth videos and straight out beef, Soulja Boy and Chris Brown have signed a contract to fight in Las Vegas.


Soulja took to Instagram to post about the upcoming fight and the $1 million prize too. It seems boxing superstar, Floyd Mayweather has got his hands all over this and will even be training Soulja before the fight, unfair?

The whole beef started when Soulja Boy left a comment on Karrueche’s picture, clearly Breezy is yet to be over her.

Both artists have caught some flack over the beef, with racial tensions at a high in the US, more black on black beef is not what most would really welcome, although we get a boxing match out of it.

The finer details of the event are yet to be announced, but we can expect a solid undercard and some real scenes.

In the meantime, check out the track these two made before the falling out.

Credit: In My Zone


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