Those Who Knew Drop Debut Single ‘Losing Touch’

Written by Rahoul Naik

Those Who Knew are a Derbyshire based five piece alt-rock band who have just what it takes to take over your playlists.

The band formed at the start of 2015 and have performed at many local venues as a popular covers band. The summer of 2015 ended in a change of line up for the band when they welcomed their new vocalist, Danny Graves.

It was soon after Danny joined the band that they decided to start making their own music. From the start they were creating incredibly catchy songs that were well received by a variety of audiences.

he band’s biggest influences are Young Guns, Lower Than Atlantis and Paramore. Their energetic, pop rock sound ensures their audiences stay on their feet.

The single, Losing Touch, is a very pop-rock track which will definitely get people singing along at some of their next gigs. The band do take on a very Paramore-like sound and their visuals are definitely something interesting, adopting some variation of the mannequin challenge in the new video, perhaps an ode to 2016’s finest trend.

We’ll be having more from the band soon, but for now listen to Losing Touch below.

Credit: Those Who Knew

Photo Credit: Gary Coope


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