Top 5 Artists Destined For Greatness In 2017

Written by Frequency 21

With such promise for 2017 to be better than 2016, surely it can’t be that hard; we’ve decided to put a short yet very important list together of artists who are definitely going to make 2017 much brighter. From the promise of a new album to more live gigs, these guys and gals will be all over your Facebook and Twitter in the coming year, and we just wanted to prepare you. Check it all out below.


Dave or sometimes known as Santan Dave is definitely going to be the next biggest name from the merky genre of Grime. Already with a Drake collaboration under his belt, Dave is only just getting started. The eighteen year old rapper is a classically trained musician with bars and flow well beyond his age. His first track, Karma, on Soundcloud was released around a year ago but his big break came with JKYL+HYD which he dropped at the start of the year with the help of SBTV.

Once this kicked off, it seemed that Dave’s year couldn’t get any better. The year finally culminated with the drop of his first EP, Six Paths. The story, lyrics and ethos around the EP shows maturity well beyond Dave’s 18 years and yet he still speaks of his current situation with so much truth and respect that you would believe anything he said. His track, Wanna Know got remixed by Drake earlier in December and that brought a whole new fan base for Dave, just like the base Skepta now has in the States.

2017 is going to be a big year for Dave; we expect an album, a bunch of live gigs and some of the biggest collaborations. Check out Dave’s Fire in the Booth with Charlie Sloth below.

Credit: CharlieSloth

Japanese House

Amber Bain, better known as The Japanese House, gets our second spot for her lush guitar-led pop music that not only has been described as ‘dream-pop’ but also ‘groovy electronica’; basically, she will make you dance, a lot.

Bain grew up in Buckinghamshire and later moved to London. Her name is inspired by a trip to Devon where she stayed in Kate Winslet’s house called, Japanese House. She pretended to be a boy for the entire duration of the trip and even managed to pull the girl next daughter, before explaining she was a girl of course!

Her first EP, Pools To Bathe In, brought her into the limelight and along with the help of The 1975, Bain started to make real waves with her ability to join together lovers of classic indie pop and our everyday Radio 1 listeners, its perfect.

2016 saw the release of her newest project, Swim Against The Tide, a culmination of the singles she released including Good Side In and Face Like Thunder. With the new EP doing so well and making its rounds on radio; it is safe to say that we can expect some sort of full length project from Bain in the coming year and that is what makes her such an exciting prospect.

Credit: TheJapaneseHouseVEVO


This one may have slipped under the radar of even the most edgy of you out there. Tinashe Fazakerley has had an extraordinary experience with music so far. Moving from Zimbabwe to London at the tender age of 3, Tinashe really got his teeth into music once he moved to Hackney and learnt to play the guitar at 11.

After limited success under his first moniker, Tinashé, he went to write songs for Rag ‘N’ Bone Man and for The Voice in Switzerland. Luckily, for us, in 2015 Tinashé decided to come back to the UK and start recording and releasing music under his new, and now, more established moniker, Rationale.

Last year, the release of Fast Lane and Something For Nothing helped Tinashé gain attention from the likes of Pharrell, Justin Timberlake and Elton John. The songs did extremely well in almost all streaming platforms and really gave the singer the platform to elevate in 2016.

This year has seen Rationale’s release of 3 huge singles in the shape of Palms, Prodigal Son and Vessels. Along with the announcement of the singer’s debut album in March 2017, 2016 has been a good day at the office for Rationale but it is only the warm-up to what 2017 is about to bring. With a new album, and a slew of live shows, we’re sure that you’ll be hearing way more of Tinashe’s music in the coming year.

Credit: Rationale

Carcer City

One of the most promising metal bands of 2016 (and 2017), Carcer City deserved a spot in our top 5. The 5 piece band are still on cloud 9 after the release of their album, Infinite // Unknown. The album has already gained lots of respect and buzz, making these guys the most talked about metal band in the UK, what a way to end 2016!

The Carcer City boys already have huge plans for a tour in 2017 and with such an album, we can only imagine they will be setting various cities and towns on fire, all across the UK in the months to come. Talking about their new record, the band said: “This album is a product of the band overcoming adversity and doing what we have been put here to do. Its message is about recognizing your place in the universe and setting out to do what you love and not what you’re told, to spread positivity and not negativity and ultimately, to enjoy your limited time here. As a band, we went through a lot of ups and downs leading up to the creation of this record.”

“We had people write us off after the crash and subsequent lineup change but we’re here to set the record straight. This record is proof that you cannot stop the inevitable processes in life—just to understand, overcome and move forward.”

An inspirational story with the success not quite finished for this metal group, we are excited to see what 2017 holds for the boys and how they try elevate to the next level of music superiority.

Credit: StaySick Recordings

Zak Abel

It seems as if Zak Abel’s time hasn’t really come yet, with the artist being a familiar name and face for a year or two now, however the way the music industry works, we are hardly surprised but 2016 has shown way more promise for Zak than before.

The most exciting thing to come out of the last couple of months has to be the announcement of Only When We’re Naked, Zak’s debut album and one that we have really been waiting for.

Zak’s last project came at the end of 2015 in the form of One Hand On The Future which featured some top tracks such as Say Something and Soulchild. Whilst we loved these songs, we’re hoping for something more from Zak, something bouncier, something much more able to take the strain of a full length album. Whilst we expect Zak to deliver, we don’t know if we can wait until 3rd February to be able to jam to the electro-soul goodness.

Zak has been working with some amazing British producers such as Joker and Tom Misch and we can only hope that the new album is full of featured producers and maybe even some guest appearances from the ikea of Gorgon City, with whom Zak has worked before.

Credit: Zak Abel




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