Sleeptalk Sign To Gold Standard And Drop ‘Indio, California’

Written by Kim Snooks

For all you alternative fans out there, a fresh new ‘space rock’ band has landed after signing to Gold Standard Records (owned by Artery Recordings).

Sleeptalk are a Southern California band with 5 members. After the disbandment of their previous band Like Giants in 2013, the two original members Anthony Patrick (vocalist) and Paul McGill (bassist) needed a brand new sound. With the addition of Jason Fitzpatrick (guitar), Justin Melchor (guitar) and Jacques Harmandijian (drums), the band could create the unique sounds present in their music today.

Sleeptalk premiered their news releasing a music video for their rocking new track Indio, California. The video was published in Atwood Magazine LA with the band stating that this video was just the start of their career with plans for a full-length 2017. The elegantly directed and shot video created by Shadow Born Group aims to spread the idea of not being afraid to express yourself and to know there is always hope.

Anthony, the band’s vocalist, describes the track as a love song, he says “The song is based off experiences at the Coachella Music Festival. Every year myself and a large group of friends gather together and camp out at the festival. When you step onto those Polo fields you instantly gain this positive/beautiful energy, it feels like that is the only place in the world. Indio, California is about those experiences. The type of experiences everyone longs for”.

The atmosphere and melody of this song creates the structure for Fitzpatrick’s lyrics of sex and youthful love, also noticeable in the band’s debut EP Pure and the later EP Young. If this sounds like the kind of tune you want to hear Indio, California is now available on iTunes and if you want to know more about the band get involved through social media on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and Instagram.

Check out the video below.


Photo Credit: Brandon Wilford


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