Love, Synths And Pop: Victors’ ‘Wish You Were Her’ EP

Written by Rahoul Naik

We’ve covered Victors extensively on the site, from reviewing them at LIAMS’ Pendle gig to sitting down in their cool tour van and chatting to the four piece from Leeds. Made up of Simon, Matt, Dom and Harry, Victors are the newest band to take on a synth pop sound and turn it into something danc-ey, rhythmic and catchy as hell.

Their new EP, Wish You Were Her, is a short record, clocking in at just over 14 minutes, and is more like the band’s business card or CV than it is a full bodied piece of work. The band are still getting to grips with new(ish) band members, touring and creating some catchy bangers so it is understandable that WUWH is short, sweet and straight to the point.

Opening up with the title track, at just 2 minutes and 19 seconds, the track starts off with a light wobble synth that soon grows into Harry’s voice; Harry described the track as “an ambient introduction to the EP, it’s like a half song. It’s a poem that I wrote but with music behind it”. Poetic, simple and almost like one’s personal statement. Here are the kind of sounds we like and this is how we like to play them, ya dig?

Moving swiftly on to the more chunkier songs, we have Stay With Me. Now this is actually one of the band’s oldest songs and so it HAD to feature on such an EP. The song takes on a drum-driven catchy beat with Simon and Harry’s guitars really leading the charge, one riff at a time. It is very easy to see why the boys’ said that everybody really enjoys this song live, the catchy hook of “stay with me” and the natural danceability of the song makes it perfect for a Friday night or even a work commute on a Monday morning, it’s guaranteed to perk you up and get you moving.

Lost Again is the only previously unreleased song on the EP and it is certainly on the more ambient and ‘experimental’ side of things for the band. Shakers, slow synths and drip drop drums lead the opening before Harry’s vocals once again take over as he emotionally takes us through the song’s story of being “lost again“. The way the vocals are slightly set back from the synths and even the claps gives the track an almost Ed Sheeran meets The Weeknd vibe with added keys (obviously). Being the only track that hasn’t been heard before, Lost Again had a huge expectation and it’s fair to say that the song delivered. Although it may not be completely the same sound as some of the other tracks, it certainly showed some more depth and personality to the band.

The EP closes with one of the band’s more popular songs of 2016, Feel. Muted 80’s disco vibes and a strong drum backing makes this one of Victors more upbeat tracks. The song is about a past relationship that still holds a grip by lingering feelings, something we can all relate to, right? Feel is the song where many will most definitely draw comparisons to bands like The 1975 from the guitars, drums, bass and Harry’s vocals too; imitation is the best form of flattery, although this isn’t quite that.

Whilst some may find it difficult to move past The 1975 comparisons and may, unfortunately, rule this hard-working band out; it is actually their difference from bands like The 1975 that makes them so interesting. Watching the band perform live, with their bright illuminated ‘V’ in the background brought much more to life. It was like you could see the riffs jumping out from the guitar and notes from Harry’s mic travelling to the ears of many in the room who would start bobbing their heads or moving their feet.

That, is where their differentiation lies and it is a strong one.

You can stream the EP below and buy it here.


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