Pro Era’s Founding Member CJ Fly Drops Third Album, Flytrap

Written by Jackson Mumford

CJ Fly is one of the few that opened me to the underground and the different type of rappers that are head honchos in todays industry. Fly’s debut mixtape Thee Way I See It was life changing and critically acclaimed, and just another artist of rap group Pro Era behind Joey Bada$$ that was as great. From the artwork and production to CJ himself there is the pure music/talent of the “New Golden Age” of creators.

Fly gives a more vibrant feeling to this tape than most, he mixes the futuristic sound in with his own that he’s developed over the years under Pro Era. Flytrap is unexpectedly introspective, CJ delivers a message on all aspects of his own life, in his own interpretation, not anyone else’s.

The tape starts out with Get Me and gives the listeners a taste of what to expect in this project. Features weren’t stressed in this one in contrast to his earlier work. Only two artists were featured and they are relatively unknown; Eryn Allen Kane and Devontée. CJ Fly took his own route in this project proving his worth to the rap game and it’s a big statement.

Another favorite track off Flytrap is Dope. CJ Fly goes off with a soulful pitch that expresses dope and follows in with a classic CJ flow. Fly gives us his presence when it comes to altering your state of mind, the subject as you can imagine, concerning marijuana. The 808’s hit perfectly with Fly’s verses and signing, you get more than what you’re asking for in this track.

This project is tremendous. CJ is perfect on every note of every song. Flytrap is one for the books in the Pro Era, era. I hope to expect more of this CJ Fly in the future and it’s obvious that head honcho of Pro Era, Joey Bada$$ has his team working.

Listen to CJ Fly’s Now You Know from Flytrap here:

Credit: PRO ERA


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