Faith In Glory Impress On Debut ‘Opia’

Written by Matt Seddon

In a modern metal scene in which so many young musicians are forming bands and going down the generic and simply over-done Metalcore and Hardcore route, it is a breath of fresh air to see bands such as Bolton based 4-piece Faith In Glory do their own thing and bring something new and exciting to the table.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of: Alter Bridge, Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown and most noticeable of all Black Stone Cherry, the songs on Faith In Glory’s debut album Opia are some of the finest feats of young musicianship that you will ever hear. This is not an album you would expect to come from an unsigned band who have been together little over 2 years, this is a record that is easily one of the best Hard Rock releases of the year that puts them in the same league as many of their influences and peers.

Opening with the Tremonti-esque riff of Chains, Faith In Glory waste no time in showing the listener that they mean business. The powerful dual guitar riffs from Collins and Bell combined with the catchy and iconic harmonised choruses creates a unique and immersive listening experience that hooks you throughout. Every track on Opia truly offers up something new and interesting for the listener to sink their teeth into; bridging the gap between heavy and melodic to generate an inimitable sound that sets them apart from a lot of other up and coming bands right now.

Sometimes they say that keeping it simple is often the best thing to do when writing a hit song, and the lads in Faith In Glory have clearly taken this on board with the two tracks Young and This Hell. Arguably the two best tracks on Opia and the most melodic, these two tracks allow for a change in pace from the rest of the album, slowing things down and allowing the spotlight to shine on frontman and lead guitarist Jack Collins who delivers an extremely emotional and expressive performance in both songs.

With their huge, catchy choruses and glistening melodic guitar lines, these are the kind of tracks that will become future stadium anthems and with a frontman who has a voice as powerful, haunting and emotive as that, hopefully Faith In Glory’s next release will boast similar ballads as amazing and simply jaw-dropping as these ones.

The one thing that lets Opia down most is the poor production value on the record. Whilst tracks such as Break The Rules and Lost Hope are clearly written to be these hard hitting anthems that you can bang your head wildly to and scream along to the infectious choruses, they lack depth and dimension on every track due to a paper thin sounding production that really puts a downer on the album. Hopefully in a few years down the line when the band have the funds and capability to do so, we could see a re-release of Opia with the mastering and production it well and truly deserves.

For a first release, Faith In Glory should be extremely proud of what they have achieved with Opia. They have established themselves as one of the hottest young bands in the North-West music scene and have proved that they have the musical talent and song writing capabilities to achieve great things. Opia is 9 tracks of pure Hard Rock awesomeness, and with a bit more experience, and a little more attention to detail we could be seeing the birth of one of the next big names in Rock music on their next release.

Listen to the band’s album trailer below.

Credit: Faith in Glory Band


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