GIGWATCH: Strange Bones @ Sound Control (Manchester)

Written by Luke William

On a cold Manchester Sunday in December, I find myself part of a small crowd in the basement room of Sound Control. It’s an odd assortment of people in the audience. Most of them seem to be here for the headliner and almost none of them are prepared for what’s about to hit them from the support act.

Strange Bones have been playing together in various incarnations for over a decade. First finding success in teenage pop-punk outfit, Outl4w and now bringing something altogether more raw and visceral. They defy classification, but mix sleazy blues-rock riffs, post hard-core energy, catchy hooks and a punk-DIY ethos.

Hailing from desolate Blackpool, Strange Bones attack the stage, the crowd and the music as a unified front. They scream their manifesto for a better tomorrow until it fractures skulls and floods synaptic gaps inside the freshly washed brains of their audience.

There’s a tendency amongst heavier, lo-fi garage style bands to allow a certain sloppiness into their music. Distorted guitars and screaming vocals can do a lot to hide a lack of musicianship. There’s no trace of that here. The boys rattle through a 30 minute set which is, to my ears, note perfect. I felt riled up. I felt called to arms. I felt compelled to dance.

Bob, on Lead Vocals and Guitar, is thought provoking and compelling to watch. He owns whatever room he’s in. There’s a habit of leaving the stage and stalking the room for prey, putting people outside of their comfort zone and channelling cosmic energy into a performance style that’s equally disarming, entertaining and virtuosic. The boys are building a movement and I challenge anyone to watch them and not be captivated.

Strange Bones have had two tracks picked up by Annie Mac: SOIA (Sick Of It All) and the anthemic God Save The Teen. The new We The Rats EP, is available for pre-order now and comes with their own version of The Prodigy’s uber-aggressive Spitfire.

They’re touring perpetually, working hard at honing their act to a razor sharp point. The We The Rats tour is infesting the country as we speak and I implore you to join the army.

The We Are Rats EP is set to drop towards the end of January and you can pre-order it here.

Watch the video for God Save The Teen below.


Photo Credit: Strange Bones



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