The Last Shadow Puppets Give Their Fans An Early Christmas Present

Written by Natalie Fisher

The Last Shadow Puppets’ latest release The Dream Synopsis EP follows swiftly on from Everything You’ve Come To Expect and does not disappoint.

The band are the definition of cool and exude the ultimate indie vibe, especially since their prime members are Alex Turner and Miles Kane (a music marriage made in heaven). Everything You’ve Come To Expect is a sensational album with distinctive, gritty vocals and upbeat backing tracks and The Dream Synopsis continues the bands noticeable, unique style. Prominently, this album is full of covers and this makes it even more exciting, as it shows how the band are able to apply their style and make something fresh out of music already heard before.

The album begins with a re-worked version of Aviation, one of my favourite tracks from their previous album. This immediately poses the question can the brilliant mastery of Aviation actually be improved on? The answer: yes it can. This version of the song includes violins, which make the track feel sophisticated and work incredibly well. There is a real atmospheric shift in this re-working and the listener really feels a sense of intimacy with the song, almost as if you were in the same room as the band.

Les Cactus is next on the album and further shows the bands versatility. Sung completely in French, this is a cover of the song originally by Jacques Dutronc. Whilst the band doesn’t stray too far from the original of the song, it is interesting to see them taking a risk and being inventive. This song isn’t my favourite, but is a nice experimental track that reinforces the bands style.

This is Your Life, another cover previously sung by The Glaxo Babies is one of the better tracks from the album. The band has re-invented this one particularly well to create a high impact, upbeat anthem. The song is full of energy and anger, the lyrics “This is your life, crying in a subway” feeling completely directed at the listener by the bands forceful vocal.

Without doubt, my favourite track from this release is Is This What You Wanted, a Leonard Cohen cover. I was sceptical to listen to this one, being a huge fan of the late Leonard Cohen, but the song is done a marvellous justice by The Last Shadow Puppets. The cover exudes sensuality, which is particularly evident in the video, and is all around full of sophistication. The cover is really slowed down and this works to draw on the lyrics and really emphasises the meaning of the track. Have a listen and watch the stylish music video below.

Overall, The Dream Synopsis EP contains some great covers and I can’t wait to hear what they produce next. If like me you don’t want to wait for their new material, I highly recommend listening to the bands two previous albums, which are both full of powerful indie anthems.



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