‘Fear is Fleeting’ But Puppet Is Here To Stay

Written by Eli Sulaiman

Monstercat’s rising U.S electronic DJ/producer, Puppet, has finally released his highly anticipated “Fear is Fleeting EP and each track is paired with stunning artwork by Matteo De Longis. Puppet’s tracks on his EP also features some other EDM artists such as Pierce Fulton, Foria, Murtagh and singer/songwriter Aaron Richards.

The EP opens with Listen to the Storm, and you can hear thunder in the background. The slow, melodic, drone-sounding echoes then begin to enter throughout the track as it layers with excitement introducing us to the next two songs, To Be Alive and I’m Here. The former is an electrifying track featuring Aaron Richards on vocals, keeping the buzz of the entire EP up. I’m Here features Foria’s collaboration and it exhilarates you with its deep-synth and bass. These are the two most popular tracks on the EP out of the six, pushing Puppet’s name in the EDM scene as well as the Monstercat label.

Puppet has outdone himself with Fear is Fleeting, with the EP sitting at #6 on the US’ iTunes Dance genre just a few days ago, shortly after the release. He’ll be having a show in New York at Webster Hall, and The Echo in Los Angeles, both next week. Towards the end of December, he’ll be performing at the Sunburn festival in India where several other big artists in the EDM scene will be playing too such as Afrojack and Armin van Buuren.

Check out Puppet’s Fear is Fleeting below.


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