Circa Waves Are Our Long-Awaited ‘Wake Up’ Call

Written by Charlie Morel

Liverpudlian band Circa Waves have returned this week to the British indie music scene with their new track Wake Up.

The track starts with an urgent and direct guitar riff, presenting a new edgier and darker side to Circa Waves than we saw previously on their 2015 debut Young Chasers.

The sense of urgency plays directly into the title of the song, as frontman Keiran Shuddall pleads with the listener to stop sleeping before its too late, and when this combines with the driving bass and piercing guitar line, it makes for a pretty effective wake-up alarm.

Circa Waves debut in 2015 was full of life, featuring sunny, light guitars that were the perfect soundtrack to the festival season of 2015, and indeed any summer ever.

With Circa Waves releasing this track in Winter and dropping the album in early spring, one wonders whether this next effort from the Liverpool band will be darker and more grown up, a nice progression in a promising career.

Listen to one of their classics Wake Up below.


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