Fetty Wap Returns To His True Form On ‘Flip Phone’

Written by Rahoul Naik

Fetty Wap has returned to his original hard hitting rap style with Flip Phone.

The new single is the first since the release of his mixtape, Zoovier , earlier this month; which means it could either be a cut that didn’t quite make it or it will form a part of something bigger in the New Year.

Fetty Wap rose to fame in 2015 with his track Trap Queen which to this day is still played in clubs all over the world, His debut self-titled album spawned hits like My Way and have Fetty the platform he needed to succeed in the industry.

Although many put Fetty down as a one-hit wonder or one of those cheesy yet catchy rappers, the produce that he’s been able to whip up has been rather impressive and 2017 may still be the time for Fetty to continue progressing with a new project or album.

Watch the video for the Flip Phone below.

Credit: harlem fetty


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