A Catch Up With Glass Caves: The Band Who Busks While They Tour

Written by Kai Feltham

If there’s one band out there that work harder than Glass Caves, then I’d like to see them raise their hands. Travelling the country performing gigs isn’t quite enough for this four-piece outfit from Pontefract in Yorkshire, as they continue to busk in city centres promoting their own shows and albums. Bringing together melodic riffs, chorus after soaring chorus, and dance-worthy beats, Glass Caves embody the very best of grassroots indie rock.

Coming towards the end of their Do You Have A Name tour, the band are set to headline a huge gig at Lancaster’s St Thomas Church on Friday 2nd December, with an undercard featuring Divide and Conker, Philip James Turner & The Crow Mandala and Jekyll. Making up Glass Caves are Matt Hallas on vocals, Connor Thorpe on guitar, Will Groves on bass and Elliot Fletcher on drums. We caught up with them whilst busking in Lancaster City Centre ahead of what is set to be a brilliant gig in a truly special venue.

Q: The main reason for you guys being up here today is that you are playing a huge show here in Lancaster with Scruff of the Neck Events at the St Thomas Church. Have you had a chance to see the venue just yet? I’m sure it will be something special.

Elliot: “We’ve not just yet, we’ve only seen photos of it from a show that Lake Komo played last year. Apparently it was really good so we just wanted to get in on it really.”

Matt: “We’ve played a church before though, but it was just a little church in York for something acoustic. There is something a bit special about it, great reverbs and that.”

Elliot: “It’s really built for music isn’t it?”

Q: Coming towards the end of your current run of live dates, how has this tour been for you?

Matt: “Probably the best tour we’ve had really. We’ve been all over the country and every place we’ve played has been busy. It’s mint when you go to places you haven’t been before and people come out to see you play.”

Q: Have you got any memorable crazy tour moments either from this tour or previous ones?

“Elliot: Well my favourite one was when Matt fell over on stage, he was like a beached whale and couldn’t get back up. That sticks out in my mind for me!”

Matt: “What about that time when you urinated in the back of the van?”

Elliot: (Laughs) “That’s not alright…but yeah, that happened.”

Q: You continually stick to busking as a way of self-promoting your own shows across the country. What is it that keeps you coming back to doing that?

Elliot: “You get busy gigs don’t you, we’ve been on the radio a few times but you can’t just expect people from other places like Lancaster just to know who you are just from that.”

Matt: “It’s effective promotion isn’t it? How likely are they to see a poster? Not many people would actually look at it if they walked past, but when we’re here it’s just like “come on, listen to us.””

Connor: “The more you put in the more you get out of it you know.”

Elliot: “It’s our first time in Lancaster today actually, a bit of a trek from York but we’re liking it a lot.”

Q: Unfortunately, there aren’t a huge amount of gigs over in Lancaster at the moment so to have Glass Caves coming over to play is awesome.

Elliot: “That’s the thing, we thought that it would be great to get out to some of these places where there isn’t as much going on by way of live music.”

Q: Finally, for anyone out there not familiar with your music, what should they expect from your show on Friday?

Connor: “A great time…”

Matt: “A mad gurning drummer.”

Will: “Lots of laughs, well a few laughs. As well as some great songs. A few laughs, some great songs, a couple of beers.”

Elliot: “I like it, short and to the point. We should put that on the poster! What more could you want from a Friday evening?”

Glass Caves play St Thomas Church in Lancaster City Centre on Friday 2nd December with Scruff of the Neck Events. Tickets are available here for only £6. Make sure you get yourselves along, it is set to be a brilliant night of live indie rock right in the heart of Lancaster.

Check out Glass Caves’ single Alive right here:

Credit: The Hyve


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