Pro Era’s Aaron Rose Delivers ‘Swank Corleone’ From Upcoming EP

Written by Rahoul Naik

Aaron Rose has dropped his lead single off his eagerly anticipated EP, Elixir. 

Rose is a part of one of the best hip-hop collective on the East Coast, Pro Era. The group was started in 2011 by Capital STEEZ alongside some huge names like Joey Bada$$ and Nyck Caution. The collective are known for their ‘alt’ hip-hop stance and general quirkiness that really makes them stand out.

Swank Corleone is a proper rap song with wonderful wordplay, heavy drums and glossy pianos that just add a solid yet eerie sound that plays perfectly for those late night workouts.

Rose gets the help of Latrell James on this one and it’s safe to say that the duo make a great producer/mc pairing when it comes to hard-hitting rap music.

Elixir is out on the 16th December via Coalmine Records and even promises a feature from quirky rapper of the year, Domo Genesis! You can pre-order it here 

Listen to Swank Corleone below.


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