Bowie Was Planning Another Album Says His Former Saxophonist

Written by Dragan Stefanov

Donny McCaslin, David Bowie’s saxophonist, says the innovative singer and songwriter was working on another album prior to his death.

In an interview for The Times, the jazz musician said that Blackstar was meant to be a fresh start, rather than a fare-well album. Released two days before Bowie’s death, his 25th album is widely believed to have been intended as Bowie’s last:

It certainly didn’t seem that it (‘Blackstar’) would be his last record. He was going to start writing new music – or maybe he had started; it wasn’t quite clear – but he was in the process of planning a new recording with us. I don’t think ‘Blackstar’ was this goodbye thing.

McCaslin worked with Bowie on Blackstar after the later had heard the saxophonist perform in 55 Bar, the micro Greenwich Village jazz club. Donnie and his band have announced an upcoming album that is inspired by and dedicated to the deceased music idol.

Listen to Blackstar below.

Credit: DavidBowieVEVO


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