Little Mix Preach Pop, Love, And Female Empowerment With New Album

After promising their fans a fourth studio album before Christmas, Little Mix have released Glory Days and it was definitely worth the wait.

The Guardian refers to Glory Days as ‘perfect chart-pop, with added empowerment’, which truly encapsulates the whole body of work.  The album as a whole embodies and argues for the strength that exists within womankind; the songs ranging in message and style but all build for an overarching theme of feminine power.  Little Mix are soon off on another world tour – The Glory Days Tour – for their brand new album.

Glory Days starts with Little Mix’s recent hit single – Shout Out to My Ex.  The single was used to launch their new album which was a sturdy start for the girls; the upbeat, catchy song topped the charts in the UK for an impressive three weeks and for good reason.  Other highlights on the album in my opinion include: Touch, Power, Your Love, Nobody Like You and No More Sad SongsTouch allows the girls to go a slightly different way with their music and seems different to any other singles they have released previously; the song is as upbeat as it is infectious.  No More Sad Songs, Power and Your Love all have strong melodies and – like Touch – are very infectious.  Taking a huge change in tempo and style of music we reach Nobody Like You – if you are an emotional person I thoroughly recommend having a box of tissues nearby when listening to this beautiful tear jerker.  However, despite my love for this album I believe Glory Days lacks a killer power ballad – something like Secret Love Song or Change Your Life to reference their previous albums.

The song Oops, in collaboration with Charlie Puth, is also worth a listen; the quintet work beautifully together to make a very cute love song. Also as an added comment on the deluxe version of Glory Days one is treated with an extra three songs: Beep Beep, Freak and an acoustic version of Touch.  I can say that Freak is a very powerful song and stands out from the extra three songs; also the fragility of the acoustic version of Touch stands out and really allows the girls to show off how well they can sing.

Overall, the album is strong and really begs a full listen.  This can be a rarity within mainstream pop artists.  Have a listen, we’re sure you won’t regret it.

Listen to Little Mix’s chart-topper Shout Out To My Ex here:

Credit: littlemixVEVO



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