K. Forest Is Toronto’s Latest Talent To Crack The R&B Scene Wide Open

Written by Carina Ly

Toronto has gifted us yet again with another rising star called K. Forest. The multi-talented 22-year-old R&B artist is far from a rookie, as his self-produced and debut album Forest Fire gave us a small glimpse on his promising talent and refined craft. On top of this, he wrote and produced Guidance which was noticed by Travis Scott and secured him credits on Scott’s latest album Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight. Now with this new attention, K. Forest returns with Eyes of Taiga in time for your winter blues.

Eyes of Taiga, a collection of mellow, melancholic yet sultry songs which also demonstrates a very Toronto-R&B character boasts a diverse array of gloomy OVO-like background instrumentals along with silky smooth vocals. One of his stand out tracks personally, is Caught Up which begins with some slow-tempo instrumentals before he introduces the listener about a girl who seems to be troubled with love and is involved with domestic abuse from her partner.

A favourite of mine from Eyes of Taiga is More and More, a song about his confessions towards a girl who seems to have her guard up. K. Forest’s sincerity can definitely be heard throughout the entire track as he sings “So I took an oath, I won’t reveal / For the record, my lips are sealed” in hopes that she will eventually trust him. Another is Link; I found this track less forgettable than some of the other tracks and overall think it sounds nice to listen to. What makes this track so memorable is the hook:

“She got everything ’cause she bang with us
Hook her on the team, banging
She’a likkle a bad ting for the cameras
We got everything that you need
Need to bang with us
You could bang”

because of how catchy it sounds and personally it was reminiscent of Roy Wood’s Gwan Big Up Urself as they both have infectious whiney vocals for the hook/chorus. There are times when K. Forest’s sound reminds me of Bryson Tiller and sometimes PartyNextDoor, but he was still able to maintain his originality through his unique vocals.

A track which fell short, however, was Ride With Me due to the fact that vocally it sounded too whiney and having a repetitive chorus on top of that usually means that I skip this track. Several R&B artists nowadays have been adopting this style of singing, and sometimes it undermines the artist’s lyrics as the style is becoming overused and is overheard.

The mixtape is on heavy rotation on all sides of the atlantic and for me too. It’s easy listening vibe, complementary tracks and overall relaxing sound that really do it for me. Eyes of Taiga shows a lot of promise as to what we should expect in the future and we look forward to his upcoming projects.

Listen to Link below.

Credit: Feel The Music


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