Twelve’Len’s ‘Natural High’ Needs To Be Your Newest Vibe

Written by Alessa Frenkel

Meet Twelve’Len, the Florida native artist on the verge, intertwining elements of soul, rock, R&B and hip hop. The singer with Haitian descent recognized early on that he needed to stand out from the crowd to be successful – and he does. He’s not afraid to combine different genres to create his own masterpieces.

After releasing his EP Friends featuring artists such as JK The Reaper in September, he has just dropped his new single Natural High featuring DJ Dahi. The self-proclaimed rock and soul genre-bender claims: “This song is very personal to me, it’s about being stuck and trying to evolve and level up. Being patient and persistent. One thing I always say doesn’t mix is being broke (financially crippled) and being patient. Those two things can drive a man crazy. But with faith and in knowing like the wind you know that what you want is right there just a floor away. And everything you’ve been working for and everything you’ve been gifted with and wished for will be granted.”

The track is a head bobbing, soulful track featuring a catchy beat and wavy synths. It can be best described as ‘a vibe’ and we mean that in the most certain of terms. ‘Len’s vocals seem to match perfectly with drum beat that controls the track so well. We may go as far as to say that ‘Len is the first in the new age of ‘Psychedelic R&B’.

The most notable lyrics come on the hook, “I’ve been waitin’ for this elevator/ To elevate me, sittin’ patient for this elevator”, something everybody who has ever caught a wave can really relate to.

Fans of Frank Ocean and the likes, stay tuned; this guy is going to great places.

Listen to Natural High below.

Credit: R&B Butterfly


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