Macklemore Captures US’ Post-Election Worries With ‘Wednesday Morning’

Written By Eli Sulaiman

America’s recent election results were astonishing, creating fear throughout the world which then gave rise to riots, rallies, and a rather moving new release called Wednesday Morning by Macklemore.

Macklemore has addressed pressing issues plenty of times before in his previous hit tracks such as Drug Dealer, Same Love, White Privilege II and Wing$.

Wednesday Morning was produced with Josh “Budo” Karp, whom Macklemore has worked with previously on his single Drug Dealer. Macklemore raps over peaceful piano chords as he normally does, but this time with an auto-tuned voice, which has not gone down well with some fans. Regardless of this, his lyrics still stir immense emotion.

In the beginning he questions what will become of America post-election period with great emotion and sincerity, rhetorically asking if our daughters will be safe at all. He reminds us later on in the track, ‘When they build walls, we’ll build bridges’, a reference of course to Trump’s border wall plan. Macklemore continues, saying he will “not be moving to Canada, not fleeing the nation”. The message Macklemore spreads is a simple one, it is a message that calls for not giving up. A sense of hope is built as the track progresses while Macklemore excellently touches on issues of sex, gender, religion, race.

It’s not just a song that captures one man’s political views and fears regarding the outcome, it calls for the unification of a people.

Check out the new single here:

Credit: Ryan Lewis


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