Jaguar Skills Reloads With Tempa T, Example And Big Narstie

Written by Rahoul Naik

Jaguar Skills has taken his new hit Reload That originally featuring Milli Major and brought Tempa T, Example and Big Narstie to add fire, lyricism and pure energy to an already outstanding banger.

Jag Skills rose to fame in 2002 and has since gone on to do a number of things from his A Hip-Hop Odessy mixtape to his numerous features at the world’s biggest festivals. Recently, Jag dropped his Ready To Rock EP which features 3 main songs, one being Reload That.

The new ‘remixed’ or rather reloaded track brings the intensity that one would expect from such an epic line up of catchy and energetic MCs. Both Milli Major and Tempa T go nuts on the hard and testing beat and they are backed up so solidly with Big Narstie’s flow (backed up by an elevator) and Example’s return to the game.

It’s unclear where any of the artists are going from this track but it’s fair to say we will not be complaining if we get more fire from the whole lot of them.

Check out the video below.

Credit: SBTV: Music


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