Prince’s Estate Sue Jay Z Over Copywrite Allegations

Written by Leah Bennett

Jay Z already has a pretty pile of lawsuits to his name and Prince’s Estate are adding another.

The disagreement is over how much of the late star’s back catalogue can be made available to Tidal’s customers. Last month, Jay Z and Tidal made a $40 million offer for the streaming rights to all of Prince’s music.

Although streaming rights were discussed with Tidal in 2015, Prince’s estate claims now that the company is “exploiting many copyrighted Prince works” and breached their agreement.

Roc Nation retaliated by claiming that they have “the right to exclusively stream [Prince’s] entire catalogue of music, with certain limited exceptions.”

Tensions have been high concerning the late pop sensations musical rights. After his death in April of this year, it was confirmed that there were unreleased tracks that could contribute to almost 70% of his recorded music that had so far been kept from the public.

Warner Brothers confirmed last month that they will be releasing a deluxe version of one of Prince’s most famous songs Purple Rain.

Prince’s record label and estate are suing for unspecified damages and an injunction to stop Tidal from streaming Prince’s back catalogue

Listen to Purple Rain live below.

Credit: Ray Spencer


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