One Ok Rock Take Us Into The Bedroom On Their New Single

Written by Kim Snooks

Starting with a shot of an old stately home in the middle of nowhere, One Ok Rock create another visually stunning music video.

From pristine angles of the house, both inside and out, combined with the beautifully choreographed dancing and intense rock tune, this is one of the best videos the band have released so far.

The group are taking a new direction with their music, which has given them a new edge that should appeal to both new and old fans. If you’ve not heard of these guys before, they’re a JRock (Japanese Rock) band and Bedroom Warfare is the latest track they’ve released before the arrival of their new album Ambitions in the New Year.

This song seems to tell the story of a love-hate relationship with lyrics like “more than each other’s enemies” and how Bedroom Warfare seems to happen at night, even though they’re not friends during the day.

These angsty themes enhance the intense tune and the layering used throughout the song creates a depth, not seen in early works by the band.

Going off the few previews we’ve seen, the new album which is sure to be a work of art.

Listen to Bedroom Warfare below.

Credit: Fueled By Ramen


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