Star.One Flex Their Muscles On New ‘Blocks EP’

Written by Rahoul Naik

Star.One are a production and DJ duo made up of brothers Adam and Joe. The duo have been going from strength to strength since their formation in 2011 and have just released the first song, PROMOTER, from their Blocks EP.

Speaking to the lads, they said that the EP “came out as a response to everyone telling us we can’t cross genres and have to stick to one sound, i.e follow up Original Badman with the same kind of track.”

“We understand the reasons why to do that but that’s not really what the Star.One movement is about, we want to represent the full spectrum of UK underground dance music that we grew up – UKG, Grime and Jungle. Seeing that they are all birthed from the same place, the fans overlap and thats what we’re trying to prove now; that we can become the first act to come from this kind of cross pollination sound system UK bass outlook.

The EP itself contains 3 tracks, “One UKG (Promoter), one jungle, and one grime which we will put out every 2 weeks til the end of the year. It’s just introducing new fans to the foundations of our sound and giving people a club orientated record until we hit 2017 running with our next singles.”

Clearly this EP is simply a warm-up for the duo as they embark on their 2017 journey which is bound to be the biggest and most explorative yet.

The new single, Promoter tells the classic story of people not being allowed into clubs, even if they are performing. The main hook being “Call the fucking promoter” before the track descends into a heavy garage beat full of bass, wobbles and some electro-synths that just roll us over before the next one. It’s big, boastful and bouncy; what more could we want?

The duo have just come off a tour with Bugzy Malone, Isaiah Dreads and Dave where they hit London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leeds and Manchester. The lads clearly had a great time touring saying that “tour with Bugzy was crazy, showed us the power that Grime has nationwide plus touring with Isaiah Dreads and Dave was sick to see the new generation coming through. Plus we were mixing Grime with Drum n bass in our sets and it was going off! Was such a sick experience”.

The duo have a lot in the locker for 2017 and we are excited to continue watching their progress. Check out Promoter below.

Photo Credit: Vicky Grout


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