DNCE Get Funky And Flirtatious On Latest Track ‘Be Mean’

Written by Zain Rustom

American funk-pop band DNCE have release a new track, Be Mean, which sits on the boundaries between pain and pleasure. At first glance this track feels like something straight out of a 90’s movie. The song itself is incredibly lively, but with a smooth touch, almost flirting with your ears as you listen.

Lyrically we can see Joe Jonas has long moved away from his Jonas Brothers days as here we see a more explicit lyrical contents, “You said you got some handcuffs/ We’ll throw out the key/ I don’t need a safe word /But you don’t gotta save me“.

Clearly someone has grown up in the past few years.

It is great to see someone who has grown out of the boy band reputation, growing the kind of maturity that is evident in the music, and not being held down by the contracts which otherwise may limit their creative ability.

The production of the track is impressive, well thought-out and executed, as you can definitely see the funk-pop style which suits the group well, and with the direction that the band is going in, it is plain to see they will gather more and more attention worldwide.

If you haven’t heard the track yet, go and listen, it’s worth it. The band’s album dropped today and you can get that here.

Credit: New Music Friday UK


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