KXNG Crooked Gets An Eminem Feature For His Latest Single

Written by Rahoul Naik

KXNG Crooked recently dropped his second single from upcoming album, Good Vs Evil. For this one, the Slaughterhouse rapper has managed to get a holy co-sign and feature from none other than Eminem.

Eminem recently made his musical comeback with Campaign Speech which was a very socially intelligent and conscious track that had Shady spitting about our biggest problems, most of all, President Donald Trump.

It seems that this track also takes a very similar route and vibe and speaks of a Planet X where people are struggling and social injustice and inequality is the population’s biggest strife.

It will be the second track on Crooked’s upcoming record and if the record continues in this vain, we are set to find ourselves one of the newest and most interesting socially-conscious rappers coming from the US.

Check out the track below for yourself.



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