The Dog Is Not Dead: Band Releases ‘Flush’ From New Project

Written by Kim Snooks

D.I.D are back with their new song Flush and the boys from Nottingham have made a clear change in their career.

For those of you who are into Freelance Whales or Seafret, these guys are exactly what you are looking for. Whilst music from their previous EP Fast Food shows the band going towards a more mainstream, pop route, Flush still maintains the originality that makes D.I.D so unique.

A strong but steady tempo throughout, this song embodies the indie alternative genre, perfect for relaxing. The best element of this track being drum beat that carries the tune and unforgettable chorus throughout, creating the perfect combination for this style of music.

The band have confirmed this track is part of a new album. Whilst we have little more information regarding their upcoming project, it’s definitely a reason to stay glued to social media. The band’s prolific Twitter account handed fans some hope saying “loads of very special news coming”.

Listen to Flush below



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