Robbie Williams Makes His Overdue Comeback

Written by Leah Bennett

Robbie Williams has revealed plans for a UK and European tour next year. He announced the news on his Facebook page “I’ll be bringing The Heavy Entertainment Show to a stadium near you next June! All dates will be announced on Monday 7 November!”

Robbie has already made an impact this year, not only did he cause controversy and was forced to apologize when he admitted that he’d slept with the majority of The Spice Girls, but he also failed to get sympathy when he said he was desperate to stay relevant. Whether you like his music or not, you can’t deny the man has made an impact.

Williams is set to release his 11th solo album on November 4th through Columbia. He also recently released a 10-minute sampler which features of every track on the album including a 30 second clip of Mixed Signals which was written by The Killers.

Williams commented: “The Killers’ sound is unique and I think Brandon Flowers is one of the best songwriters on the planet…I was at [producer] Stuart Price’s house and he’d just been working with Brandon and played me this song. He said, ‘Have a listen to this.’ And all the way through it I was thinking, ‘I want this song.’ And unbelievably they let me have it and didn’t have it for themselves.”

Other tracks on the album, Williams’ 11th as a solo artist, include lead single Party Like A Russian, Motherfucker, Bruce Lee and I Don’t Want To Hurt You, a duet with John Grant.

Fans can even get early tickets for the anticipated concert and all you have to do is pre-order his eleventh album The Heavy Entertainment Show via Amazon.

Listen to Party Like A Russian below.

Credit: Robbie Williams


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