Korn Give Us ‘Take Me’ Days Before New Album

Written by Sahr Gbamoi

Just days away from their upcoming 12th album, The Serenity of Suffering, Korn have released Take Me, a song that seems to tick all the boxes of nu metal from the straightforward riff to the ambient sounds.

As a whole, the track wouldn’t look out of place in their previous albums, with the right amount of distortion on the rhythm guitar and a solid drum track. Even the breakdown, two minutes in, is somewhat reminiscent of Freak on a Leash.

Once again, Korn have been able to produce a strong, refined noise. In one way, it’s comforting that they have maintained their sound, whereas in another, it could be seen as the band getting stale.

However, the sound remains vibrant and is a promising preview of what’s to come on October 21st.

We hope that they bring the best elements of the old with some new dynamic ideas to the table.

Check out the track below.

Credit: kornchannel


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