Green Day Return To Our Hearts And Minds With ‘Revolution Radio’

Written by Kim Snooks

Green Day are back and bigger than ever with the release of their brand new album Revolution Radio. After the undeniable success of American Idiot, a pristine album with 12 classic and catchy tunes, you wouldn’t be naïve to think they’d reached their peak. Revolution Radio comes as Green Day’s third album to reach the No.1 spot on Billboard 200 Chart. Revealing that they will be headlining at British Summer Time in Hyde Park next year, Green Day are making it clear their time in the limelight is not over any time soon, and after listening to this album we hope they’ll never leave us.

Clearly everyone’s favourite of the album, Bang Bang battled for the No.1 spot on the UK rock charts against The Pretty Reckless in its first week of release. Lead single of the album, the iconic lyrics “daddy’s little psycho and mummy’s little soldier” sheds light on the darker aspects of this song, commenting particularly on America’s recent violence record and the inevitable exposure it gets with the younger population through social media. This shows a continuation of Green Day’s iconic characteristic; addressing controversial themes through musical expression. The intense drum and guitar rhythms simply compliment the depth the song already achieves through tone, and make it the stand out track from the album.

As the title track, Revolution Radio further accounts for violence in America, namely aimed at the justice systems. Lines like “the headline ‘My love’s bullet proof’” and “the headline ‘Legalise the truth’” shows the prominent influence of media on the mind-sets of the public, and the downfalls this has on assessing what is happening in the world around us. Equally as catchy, you will find yourself singing this as a protest chant against everything unjust in this world.

More of a personal song to the band, Still Breathing is a song discusses Billy Joel’s experience in rehab. This song does wonders to demonstrate how life can get better and life (and living) is what’s important. Joel commented on this song saying he hopes that “it makes people happy and creates a difference in some way, just by people recognising themselves in the song”.

Finishing the album is a nostalgic track for all Green Day fans: Ordinary World. This is an homage to lyrics in Extraordinary Girl from American Idiot. One of the slower tracks in the album, Ordinary World uses an acoustic guitar and beautifully constructed lyrics to starkly contrast the heavier-toned songs on the album.

Even if you don’t think Green Day is your kind of band, this album appeals to all with a smorgasbord of emotions, providing a relaxing but meaningful track list that you can listen to at any time, any circumstance.

Have a listen to Bang Bang below.

Credit: Green Day



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