Futuristic Pays Tribute To His Internet Popularity On Debut

Written by Zain Rustom

Futuristic is an Arizonan rapper who has built a huge Internet following from his intense rapping techniques and feel good tracks has released his debut album. As Seen On The Internet sees support from Futuristic’s team; such as Devvon Terrell who lends his smooth R’n’B styled vocals to the track Nudes. These two coming together is nothing less than perfect, as can be seen from their other project; Coast to Coast where the duo team up through out, this album too is a definite listen. That being said I’ll move back to the matter at hand which is As Seen on the Internet.

The album as a whole flows together extremely well, keeping the light-hearted tone with the exception of two tracks off the album: The Time is Now and Cant Go Back. This allows us to see a more serious side to Futuristic. The Time is Now demonstrates how passionate the Arizonan rapper is about his art and how hard work and determination pays off in the long run. Now I know what you’re thinking, it sounds very cliché and you are not wrong, but the message of the song is done in a very tasteful way. The beat itself is very minimal in terms of hip hop, which is always very interesting in my opinion, and ends in an exciting way bringing the track back to being light hearted and fun. I

ts in the track Cant Go Back, whilst being a slow song, where I or you, I should say, realise that it is written from the heart. From this track, you realise the whole album itself is written with such raw emotions and is not just done to make some quick cash.

The track that particularly caught my attention and up beat would be the third track of the album, Do It. The track it self is what I would consider to be a banger and just all-round great fun to listen to. Another track that also grabbed my attention is the opener Mindcraft, which is also very bouncy and comes across as angsty but again done in a tasteful way and not over the top.

While I do find this album to be amazing there is always room for improvement. The production and feel is genuine and done with purpose. I do feel, however, that some tracks were just not good enough to be on the album; for example Hashtag comes across as immature and does not reflect how good a rapper he is.

In light of this I still do recommend As Seen on the Internet to anyone who wants to hear something different and genuine. It is fresh, fun and shows how talented and underrated he is as a rapper.

Check out Futuristic’s Queen Speech Remix below.

Credit: TheBuffNerds


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