Foule: Nottingham’s New Shining Stars

Written by Leah Bennett

We sat down with, Foule’s Gillard Grant, who plays guitar and sings, Ross, who plays bass and Michael who plays the drums. The three students met at the University of Nottingham and together collaborated to make a sound that is not only alternative but unique.

What gives you inspiration for your music?

M: “All the songs are about all our girlfriends, being poor and being a student.”

R: “Yeah we’ve got loads of songs about how much Gill hates his course.”

M: “The EP is basically about how much Gill hates studying physics”

So you all met each other at Uni, what gave you the idea to start a band?

R: “The story is that Gill and I used to be synchronised divers together on the diving team at uni and we ended up getting spilt up because we were at different levels and I was better than him. But we kind of got talking and we both listened to similar music, he told me he plays guitar and I was like ‘oh shit yeah, lets start a band.”

M: “I met Ross the bass player, we played at jazz gigs together, we’re both jazz trained and we played at function gigs and that’s how we met. And we joined it together afterwards.”

M: “Just friends, friends first then we just kind of thought yeah we should start a band.”

Is there any kind of message that you’re trying to portray through your music?

M: “Not really, we just write music that we think sounds cool and nice.”

R: “Yeah and we just want people to enjoy it.”

M: “We don’t have an inspirational message that we’re trying to give people.”

Is there anything you want to achieve from being in this band?

G: “We’re just taking it as it comes to be honest, seeing what happens hopefully we’ll get massive and play world league.”

M: “We’re doing it to make a living out of it really. And see what happens, we’re definitely good enough and people need to realise that I guess.”

How do you plan to get your name out there?

M: “That’s the problem, we know bands from Nottingham that aren’t that good but seem to be getting all the good gigs. We just need to start knowing everyone send emails to everyone and their nan. “

M:” It’s kind of lucky isn’t it, sometimes you’ll be playing at a gig and there’ll be someone in the crowd that’ll like you straight away.”

Do you think that Foule has a specific sound? Listening to Waste before, it had a punkish undertone. Is that intentional, is that the vibe you want to give to your music?

G: “How many years was that ago? Like two years, our second song. Doesn’t sound like what we write anymore. Did you listen to our EP?”

Yeah, we wanted to go to the older stuff to see how you have developed.

R: “The guitarist bought lots of new pedals. We are quite different from that now.”

G: “We started writing songs which were different and like instead of we use the right song, what shall we do to the chords, the pre-chorus. We stopped thinking of things like that and started jamming more. All of our songs now come from jams. They can be weird and can have only one lyric in the whole song. That’s probably a big factor of how our music has progressed.”

Do you think there was any specific event that made your music progress in a certain way or was it just as the band grew your sound changed?

R: “Erm. Probably when Michael joined the band, not to big him up or anything but…”

M: “Big me up if you want!”

M:” Originally Gill is the only one in the band that was there from when it first started, and tracks like WASTE where from before me and Ross joined the band and I kind of joined them and told them what to do really. I think in general all of our musicians have just got a lot better.”

G: “We gel really well now, we’ve got very similar interests so jamming always brings out interesting things.”

R: “And we’re becoming best friends, we hang out outside the band I’ll say Gillard, we should write a song about something. Mine and Gillard’s love that was what was the big event when we fell in love.”

Where did the inspiration for your EP come from?

G: “Erm, I have no idea.”

R: “It was a uni competition, battle of the bands, that we won and the prize was to get two days in a recording studio.”

M: “The EP is more of a collection of songs.”

G: “It wasn’t so much what inspired us; it was just let’s record our songs.”

How do you know when a song is finished?

G: “It never does really, like the more we play it live the more it will develop.”

M: “I don’t know how it started really, me and Gillard both play jazz and there’s a lot of room for improvisation in almost all of our songs that we play live we have a jam section in which we never really know what’s going to happen, which is exciting! That’s sometimes how songs develop, I’ll hear Gillard play something and I’ll say oh you need to play that again! So our songs are always changing, even on the EP they don’t really sound like that anymore but that’s what keeps it exciting otherwise it’s be boring wouldn’t it.”

What’s next for you?

G: “Gigs, gigs, gigs!”

M: “Yeah play more, and see what happens.”

R: “Yeah quit our degree! I’m joking!”

M: “Live more, play more, love more.”

Foule are a very determined band with a strong statement to make in the world of music, we think we’ll be hearing a lot more of them soon.

You can stream their new EP, Large below.


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