Tory and Sean Paul ‘Pon Di Same Track For ‘LUV’ Remix

Written by Sahr Gbamoi

As time passes, it’s nice to see that some things stay the same in the music scene. Sean Paul adds to his expansive list of collaborations with the remix of Tory Lanez’ Luv

Being shorter than the original, it takes no time getting down to business. As Sean Paul opens up to soft tones of the original, anyone who has encountered dancehall in the past decade is already aware that he is about to brighten up another track. The now veteran artist brings the flow and interesting word play (“You a spit fire, mi fi push in the lead”) that made him famous.

However, with its recognisable dancehall conventions such as the soft ‘clap’ snare and use of auto-tune, this remix, like the original, is likely to just be another tune to catch a whine to. The track even ends with the typical horns to signify a song change. Although it’s not a crime to be safe, especially for a genre focused on the dance rather than musicality, a remix is an opportunity to explore further.

Perhaps the extra hype from Sean Paul’s contribution will allow for it to stand out.

Check out the track below.

Credit: Daniel Medina


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