Busted On Whatever They Want To Be

Written by Sahr Gbamoi

What’s this? Four to the floor? A keyboard? Surely these aren’t the pop pock princes of the Noughties.

Busted’s new single, On What You’re On, is a reminder that nothing lasts forever. It can be seen as analogous to how we all grow up and soften up a bit from the abrasive years of our teens. The song is in heavy contrast to the punk-like simplicity and raw energy of their earlier work, but in exchange for a more refined, accessible sound. Perhaps Busted, being a pop group, have always gone with the times, sounding more like Daft Punk than Pop Punk in this ‘good vibes’ tune.

Regardless, the tried and tested formula of soft, quantized drums and little musical exploration provides a feel good sound to head bop to; just don’t attempt to convince your friends that they are listening to the same band that wrote Air Hostess and Year 3000. If On What You’re On is indicative of the sound to come from their upcoming album, we can expect a nice and safe backing track to your next social gathering.

Check out the video for their new single below.

Credit: Busted


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